Monday, April 6, 2015

Reaction to Identify Yourself

As I click the link to this site the very first thing that I see is a trendy, euphoric interactive web page. It really caught my eye with interesting pictures, colorful text and an overall interactive component. As I read through the article one paragraph caught my eye more than the rest.
In this day and age, technology is such a big part of our lives. We live in a generation with the thought of NEW gadgets. We have the connivence of laptops, smartphones and tablets etc. With this in mind the following paragraph caught my attention.

We feel phantom vibrations in our pockets or as we drift off to sleep at night. We hear an alert and we all check our devices to see who got the message. The sounds are ubiquitous and we allow them to interrupt our most private moments. We are always connected, always listening, always watching for the next piece of feedback that brings us back into the loop of our virtual selves.
When evaluating this paragraph the first thing that catches my attention is the idea that now a days teens get a hard time for always being on electronics. The use of the word "phantom" foreshadows the negative tone sparked by technology. When a phone vibrates or rings to life, everyone scrambles for there phone searching for some attention, whether the attention is Facebook, Instagram or iMessage. We all subconsciously want that ring to represent one more birthday post on our Facebook wall, one more like on our Instagram photo or one more message. We allow these obsessions to interrupt the real world; a intriguing question, a kiss, a math problem. Even writing this sentence I subconsciously checked my phone...but for what? Another escape from the beautiful real world that is evolving around us?

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