Monday, March 9, 2015

Artist Post: Asher Benson

Asher Benson is a Illustrator and Vector artist from Delaware. She has been participating  in vector work for the past 9 years and she has participated in DeviantART, an online art gallery and community website. She was recently recognized in Adobe Master Class a book focusing on up and coming artist inspiring artworks and creating tutorials (published in 2012).

Her main idea starts with color. She uses it to provoke a mystically, fantasy like world with cartoon-like characters. Although Illustator is her preferred program, she had a hard start with using it. She claims " In my college years, we had a difficult love/hate romance, but as both of us matured and took the time to really get to know each other, we found ourselves not compatible, but inseparable." She describes her work as children with Illustrator, as if they have a real relationship. She hopes to become a "permanent asset within the Social Gamin world". Her involvement with DeviantART, brings her with the public viewing her work, and getting her skills out there.  She describes Illustrator as being a way for her to come out of her wheel and explore a new world; the world of art.

With her cartoony characters, I am able to use her work for some inspiration for my own vector project. She seems to use mostly female characters that have barbie- like figures and mystical backgrounds.