Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artist Post: Anja Van Herle

Anja Van Herle is a Los Angela based artist who focuses on painting large scale stylistic work. She focuses on a trend revolving around high fashion. Specifically, a European sense of fashion with an "American sense of wonder". She uses neutral, faded tones with simple facial expressions to create a mix of classical and contemporary ideas of fashion.
Most of her pieces have a central focus point that pops out from the rest of the painting. In the one above it is a diamond, in others a flash of tattooed fingers framing the face, swanky sunglasses resting on a perfectly sculpted nose or bright vivid eyes, drawing the viewer in. Many of her pieces are thought to be mesmerizing; all of the focus points laying on the face of the character in her work. Because the paintings are simple and have fleshy neutral tones, the viewer decides what to interpret from the image.

With this in mind, her work truly explores issues of identity and "emotion and human interrelationships". All the women in the paintings are timelessly sexy and elegant, coming alive and described to be telling stories with their eyes and expressions "that go far beyond simple exhibition of fine fashion". The delicate facial expressions with "vibrant color and dramatic interplay of shadow and light maintaining their enigmatic aura".

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